Description: Case 2: Some of breeders want to receive particular colors in future produced puppies. This Case will calculate the best chances of few males to receive the best outcome of particular colors (phenotype) from your female.


  1. Please add dogs to your account
  2. Select in MY DOGS- 1 Female and several males. You can select up to 5 males at once. Click for the green V to select the dogs.
  3. Select in PREFFERED COLORS – 3 colors that you want to achieve the most in the order of preference.
    EXAMPLE: Color 1: Lilac Tan; Color 2: Blue tan, Color 3: Chocolate tan.

RESULT: The calculator will show you which males (by order as shown) have the highest chances to produce from your female YOUR all-3 preferred colors.

My dogs



Prefered colors

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